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What to expect at your first appointment


    During our initial consultation it is an opportunity to discuss all of your health history and concerns. I will want to know the details about all of your symptoms, habits, lifestyle and diet. Depending on your age and history, these consultations take around 90 minutes. Once you decide to book your appointment, it is a good idea to begin keeping notes of all the details you will want to provide during the consult.

   After taking your case I like to review everything we discussed and put together a plan which will be communicated to you via phone or email. 

Follow up & Acute Consultations

Follow ups

    Depending on your situation, follow-up appointments are generally 4-6 weeks from the initial consultation. Follow-ups are essential in tracking progress and ensuring your concerns are being properly addressed. These sessions take about 45 min.                 

However, if there are questions or changes that need to be discussed prior to the scheduled follow-up, we can have a quick check-in to get all your questions answered.

Acute Consultations

    Acute situations are symptoms that come on quickly and you have not been experiencing them for more than a few weeks.                   

I look forward to working with you!

Virtual Appointments can be conducted from anywhere via Zoom or Zoho meetings.                 

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Consultations & Classes


Initial Consultation
​90 minutes

Follow-up Consultation
​30 minutes

Quick Check 
​15 minutes.

Acute Consultation
​45 minutes

​Classes are offered throughout the year, please sign-up for upcoming events

Making Herbals

First Aid

Eating Clean

Non-Toxic Home


Market Coaching Package:  I will show you how to transform your grocery shopping list into healthier options.